Down Under with Richard Ibrahim

Richard Ibrahim is the kind of photographer I wish I could be - creative, diverse, unique. His 'Garden' shoot in the April issue of Smallish magazine caught my eye so I thought I'd get to know a bit more about the Australian native's photography journey.

I love vintage looks in art, and always try to incorporate a little bit of traditional or vintage feel throughout my work. I heard it said once that our creativity derives from nostalgia, memories and how we perceive the world, so for me that ties a lot into childhood memories.

Zhang JingnaSolve Sundsbo and Lachlan Bailey are photographers I admire. Jingna has such magic in her work, Lachlan creates amazing timeless vintage feels and Solve has an incredible creative and imaginative style of photography.

Our ‘Garden’ shoot in the past April issue of Smallish was so much fun – the models were amazing and the greenhouse location was stunning. All of the elements came together really well to capture the ‘secret garden’ feel which we were striving for.

The great thing about Melbourne is its multiculturalism and the constant blending of different heritages, modern and traditional, and the rich artistic culture that the city is filled with. Plus Melbourne’s food and coffee culture is a constant source of rich inspiration!

One of my favourite images I’ve taken is a shot of Amaya which was the feature shot from an editorial featured in Tickle the Imagination, she had so much energy on the day but I was able to capture this shot in a quiet moment and I love the timelessness of the look in her eyes.

I love working with models that are beginning or starting out in the industry as it is then exciting to see their work develop and to follow their journeys.

The best way to take photos on your is to try zooming in to have more control over your composition and think about where the lighting is coming from to make sure your subject is well lit.

Check out Richard Ibrahim's website, HERE

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