Courage & Kind

I was recently introduced to Courage & Kind where I was "super" excited over their superhero collection. Having an older brother meant I didn't have any influence over the cartoons that shaped my childhood. My brother always had his hand on the TV remote control, turning the channel to watch his favourite Marvel superheros, ignoring my whining for one episode of The Smurfs! At least I can say he did me a favour, introducing me to Captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk and the hunky Thor.

Courage & Kind brings back the heritage of childhood superheros with their awesome collection. Their shirts are luxuriously soft and each design is reminiscent of the original sketches and stories that are authentic and unique. Not only do they have a collection of Marvel heros, but Star Wars, Alice in Wonderland and more!

marvel-collection-956x719.jpg (blogEntry)

star_wars.png (blogEntry)

Go ahead, be happy, be playful, be courageous, be kind.


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